California Dreaming's Current Placement Information:

Current Litters Please email us for litter information. We would also be happy to refer you to other breeders that may have Great Dane pups available.

Deposits -
We do not accept deposits from approved homes until after the puppies have been born.

Placement Age -
If the ears are cropped before leaving, we may keep them until they are 12 weeks of age, depending on how their ears are healing and after the sutures have been removed. 

Shipping -
We don't ship pet puppies as cargo, unless it's to someone we already know. I've only had to ship one of my pet puppies, because there are enough homes close to me. I don't breed that often, so I'm not over populating my area with pups. However, if you are truly interested in owning one of our puppies then we will consider one of them traveling with you as a "carry on" in a sherpa bag or other specially designed pet carrier that is acceptable.

Recommended Foods -    (No straight Lamb & Rice foods).

Eagle Pack Brands of Holistic or Super Premium. ,
Natures Recipe,
Natura Pet Products brands : Calif Naturals - Health Wise- EVO & Innova,
Chicken Soup For The Pet Lovers Soul, Wellness Dog Food ,
Canidae ,
Back to Basics
Prescise Plus,
Nutro ULTRA - Adult only,
Flint River Ranch,
Linda Arndt's List of better foods!

Vaccinations - All of our puppies are vaccinated after they are 8 weeks of age. We prefer them to be 10 weeks of age. The puppy shot series should be separated by 30 days and no combo shots. We adhere to Dr. Jean Dodd's protocol.  Rabies should be given after the puppy turns 6 month of age.

Cropped or Natural Ears - We don't normally crop pet puppies ears unless the new family understands the responsibly of taking care of cropped ears to ensure they are going to stand, which may take 6 months to a year.

AKC Papers - All pet quality pups will be placed on Limited AKC Reg. on a Spay/Neuter contract.  AKC papers will be released after we receive proof from your vet the puppy has been altered after the appropriate age.  We normally like the puppies to be altered around their first birthday to ensure proper growth and maturity.  None of our pet/companion puppies will be sold with breeding rights.

All intact puppies that are sold as a show prospect will be co-owned with the breeder unless the new home has been proven to show and finish their dogs. All intact show prospects must be shown in AKC shows. We don't sell full registration puppies for breeding stock to people who do not want to show.

The breeder will send the AKC papers to AKC only.

AKC Registered Names- Usually all of our litters have all ready been named before they are born. We normally have a theme picked out and name the puppies with our kennel name. Puppy buyers are free to pick any call name of their choice for their puppy.

Placement Application/Contract - We do have a lengthy puppy placement application that must be filled out and returned. We use it to get to know each of our prospective owners better and to contact your references. We also have a lengthy puppy purchase contract that was written by several lawyers and is legally binding. It includes our warranty, feeding, care, and placement instructions/guidelines.

Puppy Price -

Pet/companion depending on color $1000 to $2000.

Show quality prospects $1500 - $2500 (co-ownership).

Show quality prospects $1800 - 3500 for full ownership without co-ownership to proven show homes depending on color.

Please check out
"How much will a dane puppy cost".

If you have any questions about danes please feel free to email me.

Don't forget to also check your local rescues! I have a rescue link on the menu to your left.