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The GDBE List is for individuals involved and interested in conformation, exhibition and breeding with some knowledge of the Great Dane. This is not a list for pet owners or new owners since it is an advanced discussion group for those interested in pursuing a professional direction in showing and breeding. The list is designed to be a non-combative educational format which connects the serious, breeder and exhibitor with accomplished and respected breeders, handlers, trainers, judges and others in the canine field (genetics, behavior, nutrition etc.), in a mentoring environment.
Membership is by invitation/referral only. Invited/Referral prospective members are sent an application which must be completed and approved by the list owner prior to admittance to the list. The Owner reserves the right at any time to place members on moderation, refuse or cancel memberships as they deem necessary without prior notice or cause. Messages and all information contained within this list are copyrighted and all rights are reserved.