I Just Want A Pet...

by Jessica (J) Brewer

So, I joined this Dane board online a while back, and yeah, ya know, I read the long threads about buying a puppy, and how to interview and find a good breeder, but that stuff, it doesn't really matter to me.

I mean, I just want a pet. What do I care if there are champions in the pedigree? Or all those tests... just sounds like a fancy way to jack up the price, to me. I found some puppies in the paper just today, and they are only $1000. I bet those fancy-schmancy show breeders charge lots more than that, and what's the difference anyway? I mean, it's a Dane, right? That's what really matters.

I went and saw all the adorable puppies... OMG, all those colors to choose from!! There was this big fat white one, with the cutest blue eyes and a couple little grey spots on him.

I paid my money, and the lady (I can't remember her name) gave me a little bag of Dog Chow and told me how important it is for them to eat adult food. Good to know!! She's SO knowledgeable, I'm glad I found her!!

Well, we decided on a name for our new puppy. He is SO CUTE!! I didn't even know Danes came in white.

Hmm. Well, little Scoob seems to be having a hard time learning to potty train. I showed him the door, and I take him out and stuff, but he dosn't seem to be getting it. He doesn't seem to care if I cheer when he potties. I read somewhere that you should. And I can't seem to teach him his name. In fact, he really just seems to ignore me a lot.

It's time now for Scoob's shots. We took him in to the vet, and they gave him a big shot and a little looking over. The vet told me to put him on Science Diet Large Breed Puppy, so we switched.

I called the lady I got Scoob from to see if she has any ideas for potty training him. He still just isn't getting it. She suggested I just rub his nose in it and yell at him, tell him how naughty he is. Doesn't seem to be working.

He seems really itchy, too. I wonder what that's about. Boy he sure is getting big fast!! He seems to be walking kind of funny, and I still can't seem to teach him his name. He just does whatever he wants. Maybe I should find a training class for him.

It's time for more shots. We're going to the vet tomorrow. Maybe the vet will be able to tell me how to potty train him, since the yelling isn't working.

Well, that wasn't a good trip at the vet. Scoob acted all freaked out, and growled and snapped at the vet, and was still walking really funny. The vet wants to do a bunch of x-rays. He did a test, and he thinks Scoob is deaf. He gave me the phone number of a vet that specializes in giant dogs, so maybe I should go there.

Went to the giant dog vet today. Scoob is deaf, and his hips are almost nonexistent. He's only 6 months old. Who knew white dogs were deaf? The vet told me that happens a lot in Danes. Wonder why the lady never told me that?

Scoob is now on lots of painkillers and anti-inflammatories for his hips. I now have a phone number for a really good trainer who specializes in deaf dogs. The vet thinks Scoob's joints hurt from his food. We are switching to a really expensive brand now.

Tomorrow is Scoob's first birthday!! I just can't wait!! His training has been coming along good, now that we have help. He's still on lots of meds for his hips and we've had lots more x-rays to make sure his other joints are okay. He's starting to have some elbow problems.

Scoob had a nice peanut butter and banana muffin for his birthday. He loved it so much!

It's only three days after his birthday and Scoob was really weird this morning. He started shaking and drooling and got all rigid. But then it ended, and he's back to normal now.

I can't believe how much I love my big boy!! He's almost 18 months old now, and he just loves to play in the yard! He runs and runs, it's so funny. Then he has a really hard time getting up and his legs shake a lot. I'm not sure if I should be letting him run but he wants to so much. He did that weird shaking and drooling thing again. It happened 3 times last night.

I let Scoob outside to go potty and play this morning while I got my coffee. When I went out to see what he was doing, he was just laying there. I thought he was napping under the tree, but when I got there, he was dead.

OH! Scoob! We loved you so much! Where did we go wrong? We just wanted a PET!!