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Amador Danes   Black/Fawn
Bricarlo Great Danes Brindle/Fawn
Dane Affaire Brindle/Fawn
Davishire Danes Black/Harl/Mantle
Daynakin Great Danes Brindle/Fawn
Ink Spots Great Danes Harl Mantle
Winner Circle Kennel Fawn Brindle
Hladik Great Danes   Brindle Fawn Harl Mantle
Coleridge Great Danes  Blue/Black
Lupine Great Danes  Fawn/Brindle
Xcel Danes  Harl Mantle
Mi Valedors Masterpiece Great Danes  Harl Mantle
Olympus Great Danes Fawn/Brindle
Old Mission Great Danes  Fawn
Painted Meadows  Black Harl Mantle
Pride Danes - Harl Mantle
Royal Sooner Danes Fawn Harl Mantle
Westside Danes Brindle Fawn Harl Mantle
Destiny Great Danes - Harl Mantle
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