Our 9 year old harl boy, Cosmo, went to the rainbowbridge Thursday night.  He lived with my stepson, Jason.  I think he thought Cosmo would be around forever for him. They have been best buddies for 9 years. Cosmo even went off to College with Jason and spent 3 years at the Santa Barbara State Univ.  Lived a block from the beach so Cosmo could walk on the beach a couple times a day. He welcomed and warmed the hearts of many homesick college students.
Cosmo wasn't a show dog. He didn't have any titles, except for Ch. couch potato. He didn't come close to the Dane Standard, But he had a heart of gold!!!
Cosmo has helped so many rescue danes in their transition from being surrendered to being adopted by a new family. He showed them what it was like to be loved and well cared for (he surely wasn't missing any meals).wink Some of the danes he had to show what soft fluffy beds were for! I'm sure he taught many how to unlock doors and open sliding glass doors, so they could go outside, play and run around on the two acres. He also had to teach a few their manners when they would get out of line. Didn't take much for Cosmo to show them the light! LOL
Cosmo was one of the best play buddies for Missy, Remmie and  Donzi. He was always gentle with new pups but would let them know when they crossed the line. Not even a year ago he could still flip Donzi over on his back when he was trying to take over the ALPHA position. We all just shook our heads at Donzi  And said "Silly puppy, Cosmo still has it". He was well respected by my dane pack.
Cosmo, please know that we all miss you so much! sadThe ranch will not be the same without you. The driveway leading to the barn is going to seem so empty and huge with you not standing there waiting to greet us. But I know you are in a much better place now. You are peacefully resting and in no more pain!
Have fun at the rainbowbridge with your friend Astralove!! I know you have missed her. You still have to behave yourself and please try not to leave all the doors up there open! 
Mom, Dad, Jason, Spencer, Kirsten, Missy, Remmie and Donzi
Remmie & Cosmo