About Us :

Dr. Carl & Renee Broden

We are located in a beautiful small city in Northern, CA that is located on Folsom Lake, which is nestled at the base of the Sierra Foothill Mountains and close to Sacramento.

My husband has owned danes since the 70's and together we have owned danes since 1989. We don't think we are experts on the breed by any means! We are always learning and we will continue to learn for many years to come from breeders/exhibitors/mentors that have been in the breed long before us!

Breeding a litter of danes for us is a very serious matter. That is why we only occasionally breed a litter. We may breed 1-2 litters a year or none at all for several years. We work closely with many mentors & peers, so that we can find the best mates for our danes. I personally feel, we do all we can to ensure the breeding decisions we choose for our dogs will compliment each other in both appearance and pedigrees. Please feel free to email us if you would like more info on upcoming litters reny4fun@aol.com .

We only breed for these reasons: To improve the breed, to keep a puppy for ourselves, to continue our line and to show. We believe in performing all the necessary health checks; OFA Hips, Heart & thyroid, all are always clear before we breed our danes. We are very concerned about health, conformation, temperament and will strive to produce puppies that come close to the GDCA standard, so they look and act like they should when they are matured. We will not deviate from the GDCA standard, which is the "blue print" in what a "real" dane should resemble instead of creating our own standard.

Danes have been in the Broden family since the 1930s. This is Carl's father, Claude, with his dane puppy Carlo.

One of our highest priorities for our puppies is to find them loving and responsible homes. Our puppies only go to APPROVED loving homes. We will try our best to match the right dog with the right family. If the family cannot keep the dane, for any reason, they must contact me. We will always make a lifetime commitment to all of the puppies that we produce.We are more than willing to answer any concerns or questions during the life of one of our pups.

Every dane puppy that comes from one of our litters has a health guarantee. We do everything possible to avoid problems in our litters and we will stand behind our breeding program.

We also would be happy to refer you to other breeders that may have dane pups available, if we don't have anything available.

Don't forget to also check your local rescues! I have a rescue link on the menu to your left.

Renee Broden
916 791-2716